Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How to Transfer SMS from Android to Samsung Galaxy S8

Changing to new Android phone is so common at the present day. However many of old Android phone users are tired of losing important SMS because these text messages recorded many important information about their business opportunities, families and friends. So they want to transfer SMS from Android and save them to their brand-new one. Is it possible to transfer SMS from Android to Samsung Galaxy S8 directly? This article give you an easy and useful solution.

Phone to PhoneTransfer
 is a professional multi-in-one phone transfer. With phone to phone transfer, you can transfer SMS from Android to Samsung Galaxy S8 with one click. As a simple but useful phone transfer tool, it enables you not only transfer SMS, but also move contacts, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps between Android, iPhone and Symbian. The guide as below is going to show you how to transfer text messages  from Android to Samsung Galaxy S8.


How to Copy SMS from from Android to Android

Step 1. Install and Run the Phone Transfer Tool
After downloading and installing the program on your computer. And then just select the Phone to Phone Transfer mode and click “Start”, data transferring will be opened.

Step 2. Connect Both Android Phone to PC
Connect both your old and new Android phones to the computer via their USB cables at the same time. Once connected, in the interface, you supported to change the places of two phones by clicking the "Flip" button.

Step 3. Transfer SMS from Android to Android
Please check "Text messages" and click "Start Copy". When the SMS transferring is done, please click “OK”button.

That's all. Phone Transfer provides you an extremely convenient method to transfer SMS from Android to Android no matter they stored in your internal memory or SD card. It is worth mentioning that Phone also can erase all data from your Android permanently. Go try its powerful features.


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