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How to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S8 to iphone 8

Rumors about iPhone8
The day before, this year there have been three iPhone mold drawing network, ten edition mobile phone "head" in the last two models of mobile phone. The die picture shows the size of the ten year version of the iPhone between 4.7 and 5.5 inches of mobile phones.

There is news that Apple's final display area is 5.2 inches. In addition, the mobile phone screen will be significantly higher than before, so even if the front panel size of the phone becomes smaller, but the display area will increase. At the same time, the die shows that the ten year version of the back of the phone will use two cameras vertical distribution mode.

To sum up, iPhone8 has a lot of innovations in shape and function. Because of the price of innovation and the use of raw materials, many people have concluded that iPhone8 is more expensive in comparison with other series of iPhone.

How to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S8 to iphone 8
I believe that for a lot of Apple's crazy fans, no matter how expensive iPhone8 is, they are willing to have a iPhone8. But once consumers change their Samsung Galaxy S8 to iPhone8, how to move their contacts to iPhone8?

There is no doubt that contacts have a weight lifting role in our daily lives. So, once we change the iPhone8, the first question that comes to mind is how to move the contacts to iPhone8? Actually, this question is really simple. To transfer your contacts from Samsung Galaxy S8 to iPhone8,you only need one software, that is phone to phone transfer.

Phone to phone transfer can help you quickly and safely transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S8 to iPhone8. What makes us happy is that phone to phone transfer will not only help you transfer contacts, but also help you transfer photos, videos, audio, message, WhatsApp, message, documents, music, and so on. Moreover, phone to phone transfer applies to data transfer between all the Samsung phones and iPhone8/7/6s/6/5s/5/4s/4.

For data transfer, the phone to phone transfer is really professional and efficient. If you want to know more, please read the following instructions in detail.


Method 1: Directly Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 8

Step 1. Download and Install the Phone Transfer program on Computer
You need to download and install the software. After it finishes, launch it on your computer. The interface would pop up as below. You need to select "Phone to Phone Transfer" option.

Step 2. Connect Both Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 8 to Computer
Here, you need two USB cables to connect Samsung and iPhone 8 together to computer. Then the software will scan Samsung and iPhone automatically. You can see the source device is Samsung smartphone, while the destination devices is iPhone 8.

Select the files you want to transfer from Android Samsung to iPhone

Step 3. Select Contacts to Copy to your new iPhone 8 from old GS5
When the connection is done, you can select "Contacts" to copy from Samsung S2/S3/S4/Note to iPhone 8, and then click “Start Copy”.

Note: You ought to keep your devices connected with your computer during the whole process.

As a matter of fact, apart from coping data from Samsung to iPhone, Phone Transfer can assist you in transferring data between iPhone, Android and Symbiam. This program is totally risk-free and it won't lost any data during the transfer progress.

Method 2: Backup Samsung Android Contacts and Restore to iPhone 8

The Phone to Phone Transfer not only can help new iPhone 8 users transfer contacts, messages, pictures, call logs, music, videos and other data from Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian OS device to iPhone 8/7/6s plus directly, but also allows you backup contacts from Android Samsung phone to computer,then copy and restore those backed up contacts to iPhone 8 on computer.Let’s teach you how to copy and restore data to iPhone 8 with Phone Transfer.

Step 1. Backup Data from Samsung to computer
Run the Phone Transfer program on computer,then connect your Samsung phone to computer. For few seconds,the Samsung detected connecting successfully,and you can see that all data (Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts, SMS and Apps) stored on your Samsung Galaxy phone can be detected by the Phone Transfer app and listed in the middle,if you only just want to transfer Samsung contacts to iPhone,then select “Contacts” item and click the "Start Copy" button to backup contacts from Samsung phone to computer.

Step 2. Restore Contacts to iPhone 8 from your Samsung Backups
Once you have backup your Samsung device, you can restore them in the future. What you need to do is select "Restore from Backups" in the main interface and click "Start Copy" to restore those backed up contacts back to your new iPhone 8.

Tips: Avoiding data loss on your phone or device stolen,we recommend you should backup phone data to computer regularly, Phone Transfer can do what you want!If you want to backup contacts and SMS from iPhone to computer and make a password to protect them,please learn this use guide about how to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer without iTunes or iCloud.

Free download the Phone Transfer and have a try!


How to transfer contacts from iphone to Samsung Galaxy S8

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