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How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Samsung S8

When you upgrade to iPhone 5, 5S 6, /6 / 7 sigma Samsung S8 / S8 +, you may want to migrate from iPhone to the Milky Way SMS S8 / S8 plus, we teach you how to transfer text messages from the iPhone to the Samsung S8 directly; how to restore to the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8 / iTunes or iCloud from 5 the backup file information.
Biography iPhone SMS / S8 + Samsung S8
Today, Samsung GALAXY S8 / S8 plus has been released, some people are tired of using iPhone and bought a new Samsung S8, when you have a new S8 or S8 plus, how can your text messages transferred from iPhone to Galaxy Samsung S8? Here I would like to introduce two ways to transfer text messages from iPhone to S8 / S8 / no backup. If you're using a Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, and S5 phones, note 5, note 4, note 4 before and look for a way to exchange data from Samsung to Samsung S8, look at another article here:
How to transfer data from Android Samsung to S8
Telephone transmission of 1/3 party iPhone, transfer tool Android, which allows users to send messages from the iPhone to the Milky Way Samsung S8 / S8 + direct instant messages, contacts, photos, video and data, call records and application can be a transmission. More importantly, it allows the user to transfer data to the Samsung S8 / S7, S6 / 5 other brands of mobile phone, such as Samsung, Google, HUAWEI, HTC, LG, Nexus pixels, SONY, Motorola, NOKIA, blackberry, Windows, Phone and more. In addition, if you have your iPhone data synchronization to iTunes or iCloud backup before, the mobile phone also allows you to recover the message from the iTunes / iCloud backup files to Samsung Galaxy phone is easy.
Download mobile phone to Windows or Mac phone transfer:


How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8

Step 1.Connect iPhone and Samsung S8 to PC/Mac
This part teach you how to use phone transfer to move all data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 on Windows computer.If you want to sync your iPhone data to Samsung S8 on Mac,please download the Phone Transfer for Mac.
After download and run the program on your computer,then click on the “Phone to Phone Transfer” from the main solution window.At this time,connecting your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S8 to computer via two USB cables.

Note:Before running this Phone Transfer program,you need to install the latest version of iTunes on your computer at first.

Step 2.Select File Types
After pluging both two phones with computer,the program will detect them successfully connected.Then choose what type of files you want to move from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8,including photos, music, videos, contacts, SMS and more.

Note: In the phone transfer tool, by default source will be at left and target device will be at right side. Make sure iPhone (source device) is at left and Samsung Galaxy S8(target device) is at right side.

Step 3.Start Transferring iPhone Data to Galaxy S8
Finally,click the “Start Transfer” button begin moving the file types you want to your new Samsung Galaxy S8,during the process of data transfer,please do not disconnect the phone with computer untial it done.This process will be finished and switch all of your iPhone files to Samsung Galaxy S8 in few minutes depends on how many files and how much file stored in your iPhone devices.

Well done!You have moved your iPhone data to Samsung S8 successfully,now download the powerful Phone to Phone Transfer and try to sync iPhone to your Samsung phone.


Part 2: Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 via Phone Manager

iOS & Android Manager tool is a useful iPhone to Samsung Transfer and Manager tool,which not only helps ios/Android users transfer contacts, SMS, photos, music,videos, call logs from iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/6/6S/7 to Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ easily,but also helps users manage iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S8 in one convenient place.
For example import files from computer/iTunes/old phone to Samsung S8/iPhone; backup data from iPhone/Samsung to computer; manage export&import Samsung/iPhone Contacts and SMS, deduplicate Contacts, reply SMS with computer; Install, uninstall, import or backup Apps off Samsung S8 in batch; Sync Music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S8/iPhone or backup songs, playlist from Android/iPhone to iTunes; Root the Samsung phone and enjoy all the benefits of rooting your Android.

Transfer SMS, Contacts, Music, Videos, Photos from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8

Step 1.Connect Both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S8 to Computer
After running the Phone Manager on your computer and click “Phone to Phone Transfer”,then connect the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S8 to your computer with a USB.Switch your iPhone device as source device,you can see the main interface as below.

Step 2.Setting Samsung Galaxy S8 as Target Device
At this time,the program will pop-up a new windows,you have choose the iPhone as the source device and definitely the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the target device.Then click “Next” button go to next step.

Step 3.Select File Types You Want to Transfer from iPhone
After choose the source and target device,in this step you need to choose what type of files you need to move to the new Samsung Galaxy S8,including music, photos, videos, contacts, messages,etc,please choose all or the file types you want.

Step 4.Begin Transfer Data to Samsung Galaxy S8
Finally,just click “Transfer” to begin the data transfer process from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+.Only few minutes,all of your iPhone data bet synced to your new Samsung phone.

Do not disconnect the devices until the process is done. When the transfer is complete, click “OK” button.Now,access your Samsung S8 mobile phone,you can see all iPhone data transferred into your Samsung Galaxy S8.

Download the iOS & Android Manager and try to move iPhone files to Samsung Galaxy S8:

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